Rivalry Clash™ 5K, 10K, & Tailgate  
Which side are you on?!

Rivalry Clash Race Series® offers runners and fans of the largest college rivalries in the largest metropolitan areas a chance to step up and support their schools and teams in a big way! Each event is about fan pride, fun, friendly competition, and celebration of fans and college rivalry.

    Decked out from head to toe in their school colors and gear fans and runners run solo or form teams and face off against their rivals at our unique “clash” starting line. Participants run towards each other at the start as if to clash head on but instead funnel and merge into 5K or 10K “battle”.

    Along the course, spectators will have the chance to cheer on runners from both sides, adding to the atmosphere of fan camaraderie.  At the finish, overall times/places from each rival team from each race will be totaled to determine the winner. The team with the LOWEST combined points from the races is declared the overall Rivalry Clash champion at the post-race awards ceremony!

    The fun doesn’t end when the race does. Friendly competition continues with the post-race tailgate-style party complete with more tailgate games. Bitter rivals become new friends after the race over a cold drink at the sponsored beer garden or while listening to live music from fine local bands. True fans and runners will have a blast at this one-of-a-kind event!

    We encourage students, alumni, staff, and of course fans of all colleges and professional sports team to participate. The entire rivalry concept is to bring out the most passion and excitement in participants and to drive buzz and charity. 

    We understand that rivalry can be fierce, but we believe rivalry has the potential to bring out our best performances and raise the most awareness and charity

    Let’s harness that energy and channel it positively into the community. Clash on!


    Since the Rivalry Clash Race Series™ are full of school loyalty and pride, definitely wear gear with your school colors.  Also bring a change of pull-over clothes to stay warm before the race and at the post-race Tailgate.


    Runners will line up at separate start lines approximately 100 yards apart, facing each other, representing  their chosen college.  Feel free to start team battle cries!  

    At the start gun, runners will run towards each other as if to collide, then be diverted, merge, and race.   Finish place & finish time matters as the top 100 finishers from each respective team score points.  

    The overall winner is the team with the LOWEST amount of points.  Additionally, teams of 5 runners can be formed at registration for a discount and more prizes will be given out for fastest team.