Multi-Sport Chip Timing Services

Chip Timing Pricing:

$450 minimum chip timing rate which includes 200 total registrants or less across all races.

$2.50 per registrant for races with 201-750 total registrants for corporate rates.

$2.25 per registrant with 201-750 total registrants or non-profit organizations, which we consider to be races where over 50% of proceeds go to charity.

Races 750+ registrants please call or email for a custom quote. The price per registrant may be lower than the standard rate for large race. We can also negotiate a flat rate / fixed price.

Additional fees: We add a $250 non-traditional timing fee for each additional day for multiple day events. We also add the fee for any races longer than a traditional 10K distance i.e. half marathons and marathons. Duathlons and triathlons also incur this fee. This is due to the extra work and time it takes to cover services for these unique events.

$250 “save the date” deposit is required and goes towards the final cost. Deposits are 100% refundable if your event is cancelled outside of 1 month from the event date. Deposits are 50% refundable if your event is cancelled within 1 month to 2 weeks of the event date. If the event is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event date then the deposit non-refundable. The latter percentages are due to the opportunity costs we forgo not timing other races as well the preparation we have undergone for your event. 

About Our UHF RFID Chip Timing:

Chip time your races using industry-leading Ultra High Frequency Radiofrequency Identification (UHF RFID) technology! Runners wear disposable or reusable UHF RFID bib tags. We use a combination of ground mat antennas, overhead panel antennas, and side panel antennas to start and/or stop their time. The amount and style of RFID antennas we employ depends on the size and location of your race, but we prefer using panel antennas since ground mats cause tripping hazards.

We have enough equipment to time all different types and sizes of events. Point to point races with separate start and finish areas, races that start and finish in the same spot, large races with wave starts, as well as triathlons, stair climb races, bike races, etc. are some of the different events we service. A fun option is to place antennas before the finish line for an “announcer station” where an emcee can read off names as people are finishing!

timing cases 250x175 CHIP TIMING SERVICES

We publish live results online throughout the race. Participants can view the live results on a website or app from their smartphones. A live leader-board of results is also automatically sent to an LED tv near the finish line. We also share a results file to your Race Director as well to embed on their website. We have the ability to print out results on paper intermittently throughout the race too at the Race Director’s request. Participants can utilize a touchscreen results kiosk near the finish line and view results which they can then email to themselves.

Charitable Events:

As mentioned in the Seattle Timeswe especially love timing runs with a charitable cause. We give discounted rates and preference to races for charity which we consider to be events that allocate more than 50% of net proceeds towards charity.

 Add on Features:

-Finish Line Photography

Runners’ RFID bib tags automatically trigger our DSLR cameras as they finish. We typically use these for photo finish review of close finishers. However we can also send them to the Race Director to share to the participants or upload them to RunSignUp to view when you look up results online.

-Finish Line Video

We use 3 GoPro cameras at different angles to record the start and finish. Again, we typically review footage for clusters of close finishers. We can also make a YouTube video of the finish and upload it to the results on RunSignUp so runners can type in their bib number and the video will automatically scroll the point in the video where they finish.

-Chip Tag Check Station

Runners get that peace of mind that their information is correct by scanning their bib at one of these stations. Their information is displayed on a large LED flat panel TV. If any information is incorrect they can let us know at the timing tent.

-Touch Screen Results Kiosk

A participant favorite! Live scrolling results are displayed. Participants can also use the touch screen to search their name or bib number to quickly look up their results. They can then email results to themselves if they provided their email during registration.


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-Announcer Mats


Event Rentals:

Finish Line Truss – $400 alone ($150 if you are using our timing services)

13 foot high, 18  foot wide aluminum finish line truss. This aluminum truss adds a professional look to your race. It also gives the ability to attach banners as large as 4 feet (height) x 16 feet (length), or any dimension smaller than that. We can also hang timing clocks, flags, and overhead panel antennas for chip timing.


finishlinetruss2 250x179 CHIP TIMING SERVICES

Finish or Start Line truss for hanging timing antennas, banners, etc.

finishlinetruss1 250x188 CHIP TIMING SERVICES 


Cones (Free to rent)

We have about 200, 18″ reflective orange traffic cones, 200, 12″ non-reflective orange traffic/sports cones, and 40, 48″ reflective orange traffic posts with heavy rubber bases.

Large inflatable Canopy or Finish Line Arch ($100)

This large 30 feet x 15 feet inflatable arch canopy has many uses. Some races love it for a start or finish line arch tunnel for the participants. And we can velcro banners to it. If you would like us to velcro a banner to this please get in touch with us to for length requirements. Some races also like to use it for a large canopy for a variety of purposes like registration, food, etc.

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Contact Us For a Quote:

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