Chip Timing Pricing:

$575 minimum chip timing rate which includes 200 total registrants or less. $2.75 per registrant for races with 210-750 total registrants for normal business rates. Races 750+ registrants please call or email for a custom quote.

For non-profit organizations prices are $550 flat fee or $2.50 per registrant with 201-750 total registrants (above 750 participants please email us for a quote). Races 750+ registrants please call or email for a custom quote.

Additional Chip Timing Fees:

We add a $250 non-traditional timing fee for each additional day for multiple day events. We also add the fee for any races longer than a traditional 10K distance i.e. half marathons and marathons. Duathlons and triathlons also incur this fee.

Required Deposit:

$250 “save the date” deposit is required but goes towards the final cost. Deposits are 100% refundable if your event is cancelled outside of 1 month from the event date and 50% refundable if your event is cancelled within 1 month to 2 weeks of the event date. The deposit is non-refundable if the event is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event date.

Travel Fee:

$0.75 / mile from downtown Sumner, WA. A hotel fee may be charged if we require an overnight stay due to distance. Sometimes a hotel can “comp” this fee as part of a event sponsorship.

About Our UHF RFID Chip Timing:

We chip time your races using industry-leading Ultra High Frequency Radio-frequency Identification (UHF RFID) technology! Runners wear disposable or reusable RFID bib tags. We use a combination of ground mat antennas, overhead panel antennas, and side panel antennas to start and/or stop their time. Point to point races with separate start and finish areas, races that start and finish in the same spot, large races with wave starts, as well as triathlons, stair climb races, bike races, etc. are some of the different events we service.timing cases 250x175 CHIP TIMING SERVICES We publish live results online throughout the race. Participants can view the live results on a website or app from their smartphones or look on the results kiosks. We also share a results file to your Race Director or staff if requested. 



Event Photography – Contact us for a quote:

Whether you are looking for start, finish, course, or general event photography we can handle it all with professional photographer(s). State of the art DSLR cameras and drones (if allowed) are used. Editing is usually part of the service but we can also provide raw, unedited photos.

Finish Line Video:

We use GoPro action cameras to record the start and finish. We typically use the footage to review clusters of close finishers, but can also make a YouTube video of the finish and upload it to the results. Runners can type in their bib number and the video will automatically scroll to the point in the video where they finish.

Results Kiosks:

Live results are displayed on laptops. Participants can search their name or bib number to quickly look up their results.  

 resultskioskjpg 250x188 CHIP TIMING SERVICES

Announcer Chip Read Station:

We can set up chip timing mats before the the actual finish line. These allow us to display participants before they finish for announcing.

Start/Finish Truss Rental:

$400 fee ($150 if you are using our timing services). Includes setup, delivery, and break down.

13 feet high, 18 feet wide aluminum finish line truss. This aluminum truss adds a professional look to your race. It also gives the ability to attach banners as large as 4 feet (height) x 16 feet (length), or any dimension smaller than that. If ordering a banner wider than 6 feet in length it must be mesh or have wind cut out holes for safety.


finishlinetruss2 250x179 CHIP TIMING SERVICES

Finish or Start Line truss for hanging timing antennas, banners, etc.

finishlinetruss1 250x188 CHIP TIMING SERVICES   



PA System – $100

If using our timing services, we can provide a 2000 watt Behringer speaker system and 500 watt Behringer sub-woofer for music. Microphones are included for announcements. Includes delivery, set up and break down.

Contact Us For a Quote!

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See An Event With Our Chip Timing Action!:

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