Chip Timing Services



$400 minimum includes 200 runners or less

$2 per runner above 200

$2.50 per runner above 800



We use the latest and greatest ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID technology for chip timing! Runners wear UHF shoe  tags and/or disposable UHF bib tags. We use a series of ground mat antennas, overhead panel antennas, and side panel antennas to start and stop their time. The amount of antennas we use depends on the size of the race. 


A second chip timing system is used to back up the primary chip timing system in case of system failure or power outage. We also employ manual timing, photography and video as a back up and to the back up or to resolve disputes or confusion of clusters of finishers. Video and photography footage can also be shared.


Online race results can be published live to RunSignUp.com and can be seen throughout the race and after. Results files can also be shared to your organization as well for use on your own website.



As mentioned in the Seattle Timeswe especially love timing runs for charity and giving back to the community so please contact us today if your next race is for charity. 


Add on features and prices:

Finish Line Photography:

$0.30 per runner. The photos are given to you and are published along with their results

Tag Check Station:


Results Kiosk:

$0.25 a runner


Event Rentals:


Finish Line Truss – $400 alone, $200 if using our timing services.

14 foot high, 18 -22 foot wide aluminum finish line truss. Hang banners, flags, clocks

Cones – $0.50 per cone

18″ reflective orange traffic cones, 12″ non-reflective orange traffic/sports cones, or 4 foot reflective orange traffic posts with base.

Walkie Talkies, reflective vests, orange traffic flags, etc.



Contact Us:

Email admin@rivalryevents.org or jimmy@rivalryevents.org


Call 971-200-5105

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